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The world’s first fully-automated platform for discovering and developing talent from across the globe.

Connecting sporting organisations with talent

We help sporting organisations - including clubs, national squads, universities, and federations - to reach and analyse talent worldwide.


Data directs you to talent

Reach, engage, trial, analyse, score, rate, and give feedback against your academy players' benchmarked scores.

Analyse more, evaluate faster

aiScout allows recruitment, scouts, and clubs to reach and immediately evaluate players from all over the world against benchmarked data.

Information at a glance

aiScout transforms complex data into digestible insights - whether you’re on the road using our Scout App, a coach using our tablet-based, performance-tracking Coach App, or an academy director wanting to see the big picture through our web-based Control Centre database tool.

Making recruitment more efficient

aiScout isn’t here to replace scouts - it's here to compliment their role by equipping them with tools to work faster and more efficiently. This includes aiding in target selection, target knowledge, and automated & connected reporting.

Group shot of Reliance Foundation Young Champs
Young Champs

Success Stories

Scouting further, faster

India's No. 1 rated academy, Reliance Foundation Young Champs, use aiScout to assist them in uncovering talented players from across the country.

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Ben Greenwood on the football pitch

Success Stories

From street to elite

17-year-old Ben Greenwood is the perfect example of a player who would ordinarily slip through the net. Find out how he used aiScout to make it pro.

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Jez Davies signing with Burnley FC

Success Stories

Forging new pathways

Released by Tottenham Hotspur at 19 years old, Jez Davies’ talent was later identified by aiScout — resulting in him signing for Burnley FC.

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Jim Fraser, Academy Director Chelsea FC
“We’ve been working with the team for the past 3 years. Their ability to push the boundary of technology has already proved to be a game changer in talent identification, performance analysis and data solutions.”
Jim Fraser
Academy Director, Chelsea FC
“We’ve identified players of all ages through the aiScout app. We have also signed an under 21, who is now training with the 1st team, through aiScouts released player programme. Amazing technology.”
Paul Jenkins
Academy Director, Burnley FC

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