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We are on a mission to transform the way talent is discovered and developed in sport.

Our Story

After his son, Reef, was let go by Tottenham Hotspur aged 16, our founder Darren Peries was approached by several scouts, each requesting data and videos of his son before coming out to watch him.

Darren was amazed to find that there was no technology for amateur players to produce reliable, benchmarked data to assist clubs and scouts in finding and developing players. That’s when was born.

Democratising scouting and development

We ensure that players across the world have an equal chance to engage, get analysed, scored, scouted and developed, and give organisations the opportunity to see millions more players.

See how Intel, AWS, and CNN tell the aiScout story.

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Our Values


We push the boundaries of technology, data and sport in the constant pursuit of progress.


We transform complex data into actionable insights that drive player and club performance.  Delivering the outcomes you need.


We want to ensure that talented players don’t fall through the cracks, no matter who they are or where they live.


Darren Peries
Andrew Day
Richard Felton-Thomas
Mark Russell
Jonathan Lee
Rob O’Neel
Oren Bowman
Aret Komlosy
Giles Grant
Matt Jeffries
Nelson Leung
Brett Lyons
Chi Tran
Ian Stone
Shane O’Brien
Christian Millar
Andrew Evans
Jon Horton
James Davenall
Zoltan Halmagyi
Anna Kosciuk
Sav Mingoia
Chris Howe
Jon Parton
Zak Baig
Ross Mizen
Harriet Eastham
Caroline Sanborn
Coco Dana
Deepali Kerai
Chris Fermie
Adam Atkinson
Jo Wylie
James Massey
Luca Di Girolamo
Reef Peries

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