Success Stories

A global story

Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC) is a prestigious football academy in India that offers fully funded scholarships to young talents nationwide through an extensive year-long scouting process. The academy holds recognition as the nation's only 5 Star rated residential academy under the All India Football Federation's 'Academy Accreditation Programme,' and a 2 Star rating, one of only two, from the Asian Football Confederation under their 'Elite Youth Scheme.'

During the pandemic, nationwide lockdowns hindered RFYC's ability to scout players in person, jeopardising an entire age group's potential intake for that year. To overcome this challenge, RFYC partnered with aiScout to identify players remotely.

Over 7,000 players participated in the trials using the aiScout app. Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted, 400 players with the best data were invited to in-person trials. 19 players were ultimately signed to the programme which included a player, Ayush, who downloaded aiScout on a shared community phone and impressed RFYC with his performances. Alongside Ayush, three other players who had never played organised football were among the group of players that RFYC ultimately signed.

RFYC continues to use aiScout to recruit players and the recruitment control centre has become a staple in their everyday scouting operations.