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State-of-the-art technology and gold-standard equipment, housed in an impressive mobile lab providing real-time, connected analysis, in any location.

aiLabs mobile labaiLabs mobile lab

Intelligent data,
delivered instantly

aiLabs provides sporting organisations with real-time access to data and insights in one location.

Maximise potential

aiLabs allows teams to capture player performance, game and trial data and evaluate it in real-time to create actionable insights.

In-depth analysis

State-of-the-art data-capture equipment feeds into our automated AI-powered Control Centre to craft insights drawn from sports science, bio-mechanical processing and cognitive analysis.

Less time capturing data, more time learning from it

aiLabs allows clubs, federations and organisations to analyse a whole squad in under an hour, with real-time data tracking and instant insight generation.

“’s product suite has revolutionised our approach to player analysis and data generation. The real-time, actionable insights in a central connected database have enabled us to collect, analyse, and engage with player performance data at an unprecedented scale. This allows our staff to provide players and coaches with tailored solutions to any situation, leading to faster and more personalised decisions that ultimately improve our players’ performance”.
Michael Ayres
Athletic Development Lead & Research Co-ordinator,
Chelsea FC


What sports are supported by aiLabs?
How does aiLabs help with player development and performance analysis?
Can aiLabs be customized for our club's specific requirements?
How does aiLabs support our scouting and recruitment efforts?
Can aiLabs be used to enhance fan engagement?
What is the cost of implementing aiLabs at our club?
How does aiLabs ensure data privacy and security?
Can aiLabs be integrated with our existing data management systems?
What kind of support is available for clubs using aiLabs?
How does aiLabs stay up-to-date with the latest developments in sports analytics and technology?
Can aiLabs be used for both professional and amateur clubs?
How does aiLabs assist with injury prevention and recovery?
Can aiLabs be used for analyzing team performance and tactics?
What kind of reporting and visualization tools are available within aiLabs?
How does aiLabs support long-term player development and tracking?
Can aiLabs be used for remote monitoring and analysis of players?
How user-friendly is the aiLabs platform for sports science and coaching staff?
Is aiLabs compatible with wearable technology and other data sources?
What are the different payment options and plans available for clubs to use aiLabs services?
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