Success Stories

The beginning

Ben Greenwood was the first user of aiScout to get a football trial with a professional club based solely on data. Ben participated in a beta trial, which included an additional 50 players all entering trials on the aiScout app. His outstanding data placed him at the top of the leaderboards across multiple categories, capturing the attention of Chelsea FC’s scouting team.

Surprised by the impressive performance of a 17-year-old local player who had not yet been discovered by any scouts, Chelsea FC proceeded to review his data in the aiScout recruitment control centre. After analysing Ben’s stats and watching his game footage, they decided to bring him in for a one-day trial at the Chelsea FC Academy.

Ben’s trial was extended to 10 weeks, during which he scored on his U18 debut and came close to being signed by the club. Although he ultimately did not sign with Chelsea FC, the success of his trial proved that talent could be discovered through data collected only on a smartphone. Following his time at Chelsea, other clubs expressed interest in Ben. He eventually signed with Premier league side AFC Bournemouth, where he is now on his second contract, he has played for the first team, and even represented his country.