Success Stories

Talent rediscovered

Jez Davies, an 18-year-old former Tottenham Hotspur academy player, found himself in need of a new opportunity after being released from the club. In search of a way to showcase his talent, and stand out from the crowd, Jez downloaded aiScout and participated in the Released Player Programme, which is a trial in the app that features a series of challenging drills designed to test elite released players.

Jez's exceptional scores and data caught the attention of both Chelsea FC and Burnley FC. Chelsea FC offered him a trial and an opportunity to play in an U23 game. Although he didn't secure a spot at Chelsea, his data continued to impress Burnley FC’s scouting team.

Burnley FC decided to put Jez through advanced analysis using aiLabs to compare him directly to their U21 players. Jez's great performance in multiple metrics led to him being offered a trial.

Having successfully completed the trial, Jez signed a professional contract with Burnley and has started training with the first team, this entire process from release to being re-signed to the professional game took a matter of weeks.